Body Mapping Mentorship 2014/15

September 2014 – June 2015


The Body Mapping Mentorship is a 9 month program to guide, inspire and support you as you integrate Body Mapping into your work as a therapist or artist.  Through three weekend retreats in Bristol and two one-to-one sessions over the phone or skype you will develop your particular way of body mapping within the context of your own project or on-going work.

Who is the mentorship for?

It is for anyone who would like to bring body mapping into their creative and therapeutic work. Participants need to have a professional background and are currently working in creative arts, psychotherapy, somatic therapy and / or alternative health therapies.  First-hand experience of body mapping is essential and can be gained prior to the mentorship in one of the Body Mapping Intensives running throughout the year.

 What does the mentorship offer you?

  • A starting point to conceive of body mapping in your working practice
  • The space to explore various aspects of the body mapping process, try out old and new approaches, ask questions, find answers and follow your own specific interest within the work
  • My presence and experience to guide you as you set up and facilitate your own body mapping within the context of your ongoing work. 
  • The company of others with whom to share your development as a body mapping practitioner
  • A regular rhythm of learning, practice and reflection
  • A 9 month cycle to bring to life your particular way of body mapping suited to your particular context of work
  • A process that nurtures your own intuitive knowing, your unique skills and your inner authority to use them wisely

What the mentorship is not

  • It does not provide step-by-step instruction of a body mapping formula which can then be reproduced in any given context
  • It does not lead to a professional qualification, although certificates of participation are provided
  • The mentorship does not offer placements or work opportunities.  Participants need to have a secure work context in which to practice body mapping DURING the course of the mentorship


The mentorship fee is £750,- for the complete program and includes three Weekend Retreats plus two one-to-one Mentoring Sessions (90min each) over the phone / skype

All Weekend Retreats will take place at Red Earth Studio in Bristol:

20th / 21st September 2014

24th / 25th January 2015

13th / 14th June 2015

Each weekend starts at 10am on a Saturday and ends at 5.30pm on a Sunday

The retreats are non-residential and participants need to organise their own accommodation.  A list of B&Bs is available upon request.

For more information and to apply please contact me here


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