Walking your own Path – Monthly Series 2014/15

October 2014 – July 2015

new cycle starts in October 2015 – dates out soon!

A Monthly Series For Creative Arts and Body-Centred Psychotherapists starting out (again)

This closed and intimate group is for creative and body-centred psychotherapists who are starting out or changing direction on their path as practitioners.  A series of monthly three-hour sessions (1st Wednesday of the month, 10am – 1pm) offer the opportunity to stay deeply connected to your inner knowing and calling as you step out from formal training and/or former work patterns.

The group allows you to feel into the potential of your new beginning, develop your embodied movement practice, and explore the challenges and opportunities opening up in your work.  The 10 months long series combines body/movement time and creative exploration with mentoring and supervision.  It supports you in your whole being – personally and professionally – as you keep growing in your identity as a practitioner.

The group further nurtures a sense of belonging to a wider circle of practitioners who have a shared desire for creative and deeply embodied work.  The mutual support and inspiration that group members provide are core to fabric of this group.


Red Earth Studio, 23 Backfields Lane, Bristol BS2 8QW

Who is the Series for?

Dance Movement / Art / Body-Centred Psychotherapist who have completed formal training at Diploma level.  No problem if you are still writing your dissertation.  You might also have graduated some time ago but feel like you are still starting out.  Or you might have taken some time out and are trying to find your way back into work.  Alternatively, you might have been working as a therapist for some time and are simply ready for change in your practice.

Structure of the Monthly Session

Each session will open with movement time inspired by authentic movement. The quiet, ritual and deeply empathic form of this opening allows you to enter the world of your body and speak from bodily experience and a place of whole-hearted presence within the realm of your work. Additional creative expression (writing, drawing, sculpting etc.) then gives you the opportunity to define and further explore your supervision focus or theme of the day.

In the second part of each session we will attend to each person’s chosen theme / focus through a mix of discussion, facilitated group work and mentoring by Annette.  It provides you with individual attention, much time and space for reflection, and a rich source of information and ideas.     

Dates & Times

10am – 1pm, 1st Wednesday of each month:

1st October, 5th November, 3rd December, 7th January 2015, 4th February, 4th Mach, 1st April, 6th May, 3rd June, 1st July

Cost & Payment Schedule

£60 per 3-hour session

Group Members are expected to commit for the whole Series from October to July. In exceptional circumstances, participation for a shorter period might be possible.

There are two payment options:

  1. monthly by standing order of £60 per month/session; OR
  2. in 3 instalments of by bank transfer or cheque

For more information and to apply please contact me here



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