Seasons of a Woman Exhibition Introduction

Seasons of a Woman has grown out of the past two years of body mapping with many gifted women.  It opens at the Red Earth Studio this September.

12 Women & 12 Months

Mapping the Seasons of our Bodies and Lives


This exhibition brings together 12 women, our body maps and our stories of dropping deeper into the landscape of our bodies and lives. To take stock, to discover anew, to unearth the old.

Each woman’s body map depicts a moment in time, often at the threshold to another phase in her life. It has been created over one or several weekends through a process that combines body meditation, movement, touch and art making in an intimate circle of women.

What unfolds collectively is the ever present cycle of coming to life, blossoming, maturing, dying and rebirthing. The art works and stories – exhibited one by one over the course of one year – beautifully reveal what it means to be living this cycle in and through our bodies.

Month after month, season after season.


I will be posting the first Body Map soon.

Please return soon to see the wonderful work.

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