Seasons of a Woman – January Body Map


by Samiel Carolina Rodrigues Barros

My Body Map Story


Thanks to the Universe and Life’s synchronicities, I found Annette’s Body Map workshop for women on social media a few days after I had asked under a New Moon Meditation to be guided to a creative way in which to facilitate my client’s journeys.


I immediately fell in love with the idea of such a creative journey to dive deep into my inner world and reveal myself in a greater way out here.  The intimate atmosphere and Annette supreme skills and insights led me to discover layers of myself that were hidden and needed to be recognised and integrated. The exchange with the group and the experience of being witness to other women’s journeys was as enriching as my own journey.


The journey felt important and somehow sacred right from the beginning. The first visualisation planted a seed that started to grow in my “belly-moon” … announcing that a new SELF was going to be born after this weekend.


Magic happened when wings grew on the back, giving a feeling of flying freely, being connected and held at the same time. My baby-pink scarf served me to explore in a playful way, how the wings will look like. In my vision, they were transparent and light, very light. Just as my scarf. Yet when the outline was done and the scarf removed, the wings were different than in the vision. No better or worse, just different. Now the challenge was accepting those wings that were given to me, and to find the colours and texture to express the lightness and transparency that I could feel in my back. It took some time to explore and express.


What I didn’t know is that the best part was right at the closing of the weekend when the body map stood up on the wall. Seeing myself jumping, with the belly-moon and the wings, gave me the body sensation that I was ready to fly. I was moved to tears.


I found the process of accepting the form and revealing the essence of my adult SELF the most empowering of all the journeys I ever took.


A new adult SELF was born. That evening, I sat by Bristol Harbour with an overwhelming feeling that my inner child had been healed, acknowledged and cared for by my inner mother. I felt whole. I felt stronger. I felt my whole SELF was being embraced.




WE are here to remember and reveal our greatest version of our own Self. Let’s come closer. Life is an invitation to experience who we really are.

I love you.


Samiel Carolina Rodriguez Barros

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