Seasons of a Woman – April Body Map

APRIL – Broken heart

by Penelope Best

My Body Map Story

Broken heart


My mouth … MY mouth … ow!

Jaw, lips, hair, hands, belly, shoulder, feet

Riveted jaw, parted lips, cartoon hands, soft belly, sharp shoulder, twisted feet

Aging fingers, creased skin, arthritis inside out

Upside down multi-coloured hands, textured surprise, gnarled beauty exposed

Heart , mind, soul – is this not where we travel?

Malfunctioning heart, befuddled mind, aching soul

Autumnal thistles tangled with soft down from the earth

Coiled thread, fine wire springs, threaded through my gut

Memories, tastes, butterflies

Called by a turning point, a moment shouting for attention

Now together, not alone … listening, witnessing, sharing

Co-making, inter-relating , subtle exchanges , sudden exposure

Touch , near touch, ‘don’t touch’, ‘don’t look’, ‘please look’

Intimate tracing, hair’s breadth closeness… I risk , we dare

Touch, touching ,being touched, asking for touch and tears flowing

Not knowing why, why now this moment, trusting the essence will be safe

Uncovering a Broken heart when searching for healing

Searching for soothing of physical organ,

Pumping erratically stretched beyond capacity

Yet instead…bumping up against the heart itself broken

The yearning broken heart of disconnection and loss

Arriving body distressed, leaving body caressed and … seduced

Knowing the journey continues


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