Seasons of a Woman – March Body Map

MARCH – Stir It Up

by Ruth Love

My Body Map Story

stir it up

circling round the canvas

I pace

looking at myself from different angles,

seeing all the wants, all the desires, all the parts of me

babies, womb, speech, power, heart

all terrifying and exhilarating at the same time

is that me? that glowing goddess dancing on the page,

whose power

resides in her womb, and which can be channelled

into a myriad of different paths

if only I could choose which?

this power is buried deep in the girdle of my hips,

in the sacred grove of my womb,

I have been searching for a way

to reach it, touch it, for years, yet,

now I have caught a glimpse of the bloody depths,

reached in and stirred the cauldron up

it frightens me. so much potential is there,

can I really let it out?

it won’t stay inside, this mapping of me

has made it real, has given form and context,

colour and movement to the

fathomless lake of energy

which until now has lain, supporting little life,

in the valley of my hips,

over looked, under appreciated, unnoticed.

I can’t ignore it

push it down and away, can’t let it

evaporate and dry up,

leaving behind a barren empty space.

if I do, there will always

be something missing.

my attention gives it fuel,

lets it surge up, rising inexorably.

the cauldron boils and gurgles,

it bubbles up and through,

effervescent, heady,

the steam infusing every part of me.

now face to face with myself,

I look myself in the eye,

in the womb,

in the heart,

and am so achingly terrified

and so overcome with love

that tears fall down my cheeks.

this woman, this creation is me, a me

I don’t, can’t

see and yet I’m there, always.

I have unleashed myself, broken through

my walls, and leapt out, onto a page

to be seen, to be remembered,

to be looked at and pondered over,

to be greeted, like an old friend who

I haven’t seen in years

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