Seasons of a Woman – June Body Map

JUNE – Behind the Veil

by Rafaela


My Body Map Story

Behind the Veil


“The veil gives the choice to be seen and not to be seen and also to see and not to see.”


I hide the unheard story from my childhood, where I was abused by a family member.


Behind the veil means for me, that when I cover my face and eyes by the veil, I do not see what I do not want to see and also I am not seen and recognized when I need it. It is a kind of protection, which I did not have as a child.


Experiencing handling from childhood till present marriage without respect and empathy, I am now giving the missing respect to my own body map by giving her a beautiful dress and veil with a wedding theme. I want to adore this woman with a broken life experience. During the body mapping workshop I re-experienced the wedding ritual with women from the circle and I filled the gap of emptiness in me.


Although feeling not being loved and respected by close family, being without a mother whose I really needed, being without a father whose I really missed, being without a loving husband, I experienced during the body meditations in the workshop being loved and held by God Father’s love.


On my body map, I am lying on God’s palm and in golden sand. My body is held by the outline of His palm. I feel protected, beloved, adored and respected with delightful passion. And, Yes, I am a God’s princess daughter.


To God’s love I responded with self-love, self-respect and I became a close friend with my body map. She now hangs in my bedroom where there is a sense of intimacy and closeness. My body map brought me back to myself.


So I say to you: No matter of your life circumstances, life experiences, traumas, and disappointments, you are precious and worthy. Even the bad things happen to us, can have something positive, it makes us more insightful, aware and more emphatic.


Let’s live the life which was given to us as best as we can.

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