Seasons of a Woman – May Body Map

MAY – A Love Story

by Christina Greenland


One side….

….and the other side

My Body Map Story

A Love Story


I find you floating in the heavens,

You are free and peaceful

But alone,

Without boundaries or ground.


I fear for you,

Lest you should float forever or disintegrate.

And you fear the earth,

And the harshness of life.


Carefully and deliberately

I mark your boundaries.

And others help

And with touch and with love

We coax your corporeal body

Preparing for your arrival.


You arrive.

And I go under your skin,

Trace the constellations of your body,

Hear the pounding of your heart,

Feel the warmth of your hands in mine.

And with my breath I give life to you while you fill my lungs with air.


I could stay here forever,

Warm and safe in the hollow of your body.

But I travel onwards,

As I know I must,

Stopping only for a moment in your womb,

Before emerging

And into this world.


I am irreverent now,

Untouched by critique.

It is a simple state of being.


I cut away parts of world that cling too tightly to you,

What was once imperfect now inspires,

I work fast and with purpose

Because we trust each other

And in this state of creation we become unclear as to who is the maker

And whom the made.


We wrap our arms around each other,

Oh how our hearts sing,

And brimming with the wonder and the joy of it all,

Our cup overflows so that others might drink.


Now take this into your heart,

Hold it there and let it whisper to you

In the daylight and in the dark

For I am with you and you are with me,

Because I am you as you are me.



This piece connects me to life and death. It echoes through my original birth journey to the parts of myself still longing to be born and to those that, no longer needed, I can allow to die. I am reminded that this takes a powerful kind of self-love, supported by the love of others, wherein creativity can thrive and inner and outer experiences can be reconciled.


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