Past event: Body Map Exhibition @ Centrespace Gallery, Bristol


Our Bodies, Our Lives & 12 Moments of Renewal

Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, 20-23 September 2015


Sunday 20 September 2015, 12noon – 3pm


You are cordially invited to the public opening of Seasons of a Woman.

This collective exhibition crowns a year-long cycle that saw 12 women step forward, one by one, and month after month, to reveal her personal body map and story of renewal (view by scrolling down).

Now all 12 of us are coming together at Centrespace Gallery in Bristol to share with you our life-size art which marks and celebrates a moment of profound change.  A moment in which our identity as women shifts and re-awakens in our body to a fuller expression of who we are, what we do and what we have to say.

Deeply connected to the natural seasons, to physical, emotional and spiritual cycles as well as our culture(s) and society at large, Seasons of a Woman beautifully reveals how, deep down, we as women live in and through our bodies today.

During the Opening Event on Sunday 20th September you can also sign up for the free

Collective Body Mapping Experience on Monday 21st September (lunchtime 12noon – 1.30pm) The gallery will temporarily transform into a scared space in which you can experience the deeply affirming effect of having your body outline drawn and create your own unique mark of vitality.

The exhibition is open for general viewing from Monday 21  to Wednesday 23 September, daily 10am – 3pm.