Spring 2022 Somatic Body Mapping – postponed


NURTURING NEW LIFE WITHIN                          

For women (cis- and transgender) and non-binary persons only

Somatic Body Mapping is a creative therapeutic process that allows you to feel into and creatively communicate the stories that you live in your body.  It involves creating a life-size representation of your body on paper/canvas and using images, symbols, objects/natural materials and words to map out different living places in you:  Places that are full of life, places that pain, and places that hold hope and potential for the future.  In the process of creating the body map you will discover new links between these places in you and gain a deeper understanding of your own power to create health within you and through your way of living in this world.

This Spring Online (Zoom) Intensive is designed for women and non-binary persons and takes place in a closed group over a period of four weeks. The small size of the group (3 participants) and regular rhythm of gathering online allows for a process that is paced and tailored to each participant’s and the group’s particular needs, explorations and discoveries.  Somatic body mapping from home can also provide high levels of personal comfort plus opportunities for creative work in-between sessions.   

The overall focus will be on nurturing the new life that you can ignite within you and bring into this world.  To explore this, the Intensive interweaves drawing, painting and sculpting with body meditation, movement, ritual and heart-felt speaking.  No previous skills in art making are required, and you can use whatever creative and natural materials you have at home. Gentle care and sensitive attention is given to the small and big things that move and shine through you.  I also hold with warmth and confidence those experiences that are stored with pain or lack of feeling in your body. 

As somatic body mapping follows a process of creatively conceiving and coming into human form we will also be working with the subtle resonances of your prenatal and birth experiences. This might touch places in you that feel vulnerable yet, as they are safely processed, can lead to healing and a renewed sense of self.

We will attend to this area of early experience right from the time of preparation for the intensive with the help of the specially designed Body Life Form.  Answering the baby/child/woman and non-binary centred questions on the form helps your body and psyche to attune to what is most important to be with right now.  A half an hour Zoom conversation with Annette prior to the start of the series further helps to settle into the somatic body mapping exploration ahead.

The online Intensive allows for the current landscape of your lived body to become more visible, more accessible and more meaningful. It enables you to gain a new perspective on old habits and difficulties, make new choices, deeply appreciate your creative power, and to follow what wants to grow.

A couple of weeks following the end of the series, you will be able to meet again for a 30min. one-to-one Zoom conversation with Annette. This is to round off the overall experience and attend to anything that might still be evolving.   

WORKSHOP FEE:  £350 (£100 deposit), inclusive of two 30min. one-to-one Zoom sessions with Annette and creative tasks for body mapping in-between group sessions.  To register and pay deposit please contact me

If you are a creative arts therapist, psychotherapist or counsellor, completion of this series also allows you to apply for the  Somatic Body Mapping Mentorship.

For further information please see Somatic Body Mapping for Women and the Body Mapping page