Somatic Body Mapping Mentorship

I currently offer online Individual SBM Mentorships only.

The Somatic Body Mapping Mentorship is a yearlong program to inspire, prepare, guide and support you as you integrate Somatic Body Mapping into your work as a body led and creative therapist.  The mentorship enables you to develop a practice of somatic body mapping within the context of your own project or on-going work.

The mentorship is now into it’s fifth year running and past participants are busy body mapping across the world in the fields of psychotherapy, supervision, women’s leadership and coaching, cultural identity, dance & movement psychothedrapy, feminine awakening, pregnancy and early motherhood support, eating disorder, and women’s mental health.

“Deep, expansive and creative ! Those are the words that come when I think of my 10 months experience in The Body Mapping Mentorship with Annette. Such a precious space to explore, create and recreate my own unique way of integrating body mapping into my practice. I really appreciate the insights of everyone, the collaboration and the personal time I was given.” – Samiel Carolina Rodriguez Barros – Personal Coach, Women’s Health


Who is the mentorship for?

It is for any therapy professional who would like to bring somatic body mapping into their work. Participants need to be qualified and currently working somatic therapists, creative arts therapists, psychotherapists or counsellors.  First-hand experience of body mapping is essential and can be gained prior to the mentorship through individual sessions or in one or several of the Somatic Body Mapping Intensives for Women running throughout the year.

 What does the mentorship offer you?

  • Teaching in the fundamentals of Somatic Body Mapping (SBM)
  • Creative exploration and reflection on the therapeutic process inherent in SBM
  • Practice of facilitation skills
  • Planning and preparation for bringing SBM into your work
  • Supervision of your beginning SBM practice
  • A learning process that nurtures your own embodied intuitive knowing, your unique skills and your inner authority to use them wisely and safely

What the mentorship is not

  • A professional qualification, although certificates of participation are provided
  • The mentorship does not offer placements or work opportunities.  Participants need to have a secure work context in which to practice somatic body mapping DURING the course of the mentorship

The mentorship scheme with Annette provided an integrated way of incorporating all elements of Body mapping tailored to my specific needs and practice. This is a wonderful scheme – highly recommended for practitioners who want to develop their work further.  Sue Curtis – Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Lecturer and Supervisor. Goldsmith College, London 



I currently offer Individual SBM Mentorship Programs for a very limited number of practitioners.  Each mentorship is tailor made according to your particular intent, extent of first hand experience of SBM, professional experience, work context and geographical location. 


The program is composed of at least 12 mentoring sessions online (Skype or Zoom) and in person where possible.  In addition it includes practical SBM sessions in the shape of individual retreats at my home studio in Coleford and a weekend intensive at The Dojo in Bath.

Through an initial consultation process we will agree on the particular shape of your mentorship for which I then design your individual program. 


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