Somatic Body Mapping Mentorship

New Mentorship Group starting in January 2024

The Somatic Body Mapping Mentorship is a 12 month program in three parts: online Foundation Course, in person Practice Retreat,  and online Supervision Sessions.  It is designed to inspire, prepare and guide you to bring Somatic Body Mapping into your work as a body led and creative therapist.  The mentorship enables you to develop a practice of somatic body mapping within the context of your already established work and adapt it to your particular interests and requirements.

The mentorship is now into it’s seventh year running and past participants are offering somatic body mapping across the world in the fields of psychotherapy, supervision, identity & diversity, women’s leadership and coaching, dance & movement psychotherapy, feminine awakening, pregnancy and early motherhood support, eating disorder, and sexual abuse & violence.

” Deep, expansive and creative! Those are the words that come when I think of my 12 months of experience in the Somatic Body Mapping Mentorship with Annette. Such a precious space to explore, create and recreate my own unique way of integrating body mapping into my practice. I really appreciate the insights of every one, the collaboration and the personal time I was given.” / Samiel Carolina Rodriguez Barros – Personal Coach, Women’s Health

Who is the mentorship for?

It is for any therapy professional who would like to bring somatic body mapping into their work. Participants need to be a qualified and currently working somatic therapist, creative arts therapist, psychotherapist or counsellor.  First-hand experience of somatic body mapping is essential and can be gained prior to the mentorship through individual sessions or in a Somatic Body Mapping Workshop led by an established SBM practitioners.  For an up-to-date list please contact me directly.

What does the mentorship offer you?

  • Teaching in the fundamentals of Somatic Body Mapping (SBM)
  • Creative exploration and reflection on the therapeutic process inherent in SBM
  • Practice of facilitation skills
  • Planning and preparation for bringing SBM into your work
  • Supervision of your beginning SBM practice
  • A learning process that nurtures your own embodied intuitive knowing, unique skills and inner authority to use them wisely and safely
  • A route to become an established SBM practitioner whose clients/workshop participants can apply for future mentorship programs  
  • Upon completion, access to the bi-yearly SBM Practitioners Circle (online & occasionally in person) 
  • After a period of practice post mentorship, access to further training as a SBM Trainer who is qualified to facilitate SBM mentorship practice modules 

What the mentorship is not

  • A professional qualification, although certificates of participation are provided
  • The mentorship does not offer placements or work opportunities.  Participants need to have a secure work context in which to practice somatic body mapping DURING the course of the mentorship

The mentorship scheme with Annette provided an integrated way of incorporating all elements of Somatic Body Mapping tailored to my specific needs and practice. This is a wonderful scheme – highly recommended for practitioners who want to develop their work further.” / Sue Curtis – Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Lecturer and Supervisor. Goldsmith College, London 


The mentorship is divided into three parts which can be completed within a one-year cycle or taken flexibly over a couple of years.  

PART 1: Foundation Course (online) with Annette Schwalbe & Andrea Wright

A series of 12 Zoom sessions of 2h each, in a small group setting.  Fortnightly, January – June 2024,  Mondays at 3pm-5pm UK time (see dates below).  

The sessions foster your theoretical understanding and practical skills of SBM.   Through teaching, discussion, experiential tasks online, as well as well reading/viewing of study material in-between sessions you will  

  • develop your knowledge of the fundamentals of somatic body mapping as a therapeutic and creative practice of embodiment
  • engage in specific aspects of Authentic Movement (AM) practice as fundamental to holding and witnessing in SBM
  • consider different themes, dynamics and processes inherent to somatic body mapping from the perspective of very early developmental stages (prenatal and at birth) of becoming a body  
  • learn and practice specific facilitation skills needed at different stages of the SBM process  

Foundation Dates & Topics (slight changes might occur):

  • Session 1 / 8th Jan / Welcome & SBM history and lineage
  • Session 2 / 22nd Jan / Inviting the body in SBM: diverse bodies & silent witnessing (AM based)
  • Session 3 / 5th Feb / Acknowledging the body: creating bodies & speaking witnessing (AM based)
  • Session 4 / 19th Feb / Prenatal and birth dynamics in SBM: becoming bodies & speaking witnessing
  • Session 5 / 4th March / Before mapping: gathering material & use of Body Life Form
  • Session 6 / 18th March / Body Meditation in SBM
  • Session 7 / 25th March / Practice of Body Meditation
  • Session 8 / 15th April / Coming onto the Map
  • Session 9 / 22nd April / Practice of Coming onto the Map
  • Session 10 / 13th May / Re-Connections & Filling out
  • Session 11 / 20th May / SBM Integration Ritual
  • Session 12 / 3rd June / Endings in SBM

PART 2: Practice Module (in person) with Annette Schwalbe in UK/ future options outside UK

This module runs over a long weekend (Friday to Sunday) and allows hands-on practice of facilitating the different stages of the SBM process. This component is essential in developing skills that involve possible touch and attending to in-person SBM group processes. The weekend is scheduled for 26th to 28th July 2024 and will take place at the beautiful Hazel Hill Wood retreat centre near Salisbury, UK. Future options for completing the practice module outside of the UK are currently being developed.

PART 3: Individual SBM Supervision Sessions (online) with Annette Schwalbe

6 individual sessions to start flexibly when you are ready to introduce SBM into your existing practice as therapist. The SBM supervision will serve to

  • envision, discuss, plan and prepare your particular way of introducing somatic body mapping into your existing work   
  • receive ongoing supervision of your somatic body mapping work
  • develop a professional practice that is ethical and deeply respectful of your own and your clients’ body worlds

Please note that all facilitation of SBM sessions during the mentorship needs to take place within the context and parameters (legal, ethical and experience-based) of your already established professional practice.  The mentorship cannot support new job creation although it might open new avenues within your existing work.


The total cost of the SBM Mentorship 2024 is £ 1480 (not includig accommodation & meals)

  1. Foundation Course: £ 720
  2. Practice Module : £400 (+ £200 extra for accommodation and meals at Hazel Hill Wood retreat centre)
  3. SBM Supervision Sessions: £ 360 (6 x £60)

in order to apply or for more information please contact me here