Somatic Body Mapping Individual Sessions

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS provide a tailor-made process that gives you maximum individual attention and holding and flexible pacing. Depending on circumstances and needs, sessions can be online, in studio, or a mix of both. On some occasions I also offer in person somatic body mapping sessions for individuals and couples at your home.

You might choose a one-off session as follow-up or continuation after having participated in one of the online or studio intensives. Individual Somatic Body Mapping can also take the shape of a therapeutic process through a set number of sessions (usually 6-8 sessions) or in open-ended work.

As such it is similar to short- or long-term individual therapy with our relationship providing care and safety whilst you explore your embodied relationship with yourself through the creation of your body map.

Talking, moving, art making and mapping, as well as shared reflection are all part of each session. Improvised ritual and communing with nature are included when called for.

No previous skills in art making are required, and you can use a range of creative and natural materials that suit you. I will provide guidance for developing your map whilst staying open to what is unknown and only slowly emerging in your process. Sensitive attention is given to the small and big things that move you.  I also hold with warmth and confidence those experiences that are stored with pain or lack of feeling in your body. 

As somatic body mapping follows a process of creatively conceiving and coming into human form we will also be working with the subtle resonances of your prenatal and birth experiences. This might touch places in you that feel vulnerable yet, as they are safely processed, can lead to healing and a renewed sense of self.

Individual somatic body mapping allows for the current landscape of your lived body to become more visible, more accessible and more meaningful.  It enables you to gain a new perspective on old habits and difficulties, make new choices, deeply appreciate your body and creative power, and celebrate what flourishes in and through you. 

Sessions are usually 1.5h long, currently at the cost of £80. I offer a free initial conversation over Zoom if you would like to find out more. Please contact me here