Body & Movement Psychotherapy

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Psychotherapy is in essence an ‘attending to the soul’ and as such an important, delicate and potentially transformative process. It is an attending to one’s longing, disappointment, hurt, happiness, fear, sadness, anger and joy in the company and with the guidance of someone else with considerable experience in processes of inner change.  As your therapist I offer to be that someone else and I recognize the personal commitment that it takes to go into therapy.

Body & Movement Psychotherapy engages your whole being: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. I encourage and guide you to listen deeply to your body and the knowledge that you carry within. This involves paying attention to body sensations, spontaneous gestures, ways of holding yourself and moving naturally. It also means allowing memories, images and dreams (night and day dreams) to surface and come into our conversations. Over the course of time this will bring you in touch with old and new pain, unhelpful patterns of living as well as your strengths and yet unrealised potential. This meeting of your own suffering and power is the key to your healing. Ultimately it will lead you towards a more fulfilling life.

You don’t have to make this journey on your own. That’s what I’m there for: to be at your side. To listen, support, prompt, challenge, reassure and to hold you when things are really difficult. I consider our therapeutic relationship as important to your process of healing and I will make sure that ours is a safe, open, confidential and reliable relationship.

I offer one-off sessions, short-term therapy and long-term therapy depending on your needs. If you are coming for a course of therapy we would normally meet once a week. Sessions are one hour long and start with time to sit and talk about your particular concerns on that day. I also ask you to notice how you are in your body as we speak and how this might relate to what we are talking about. Simple guided movements in or out of the chair will then bring you deeper in touch with your sensations and your experience of your body. Together we will attend to gestures and movements that come naturally for you in this state of contemplation, and to the sensations, feelings, thoughts and images that come with them. Each session ends with putting into words the experiences you have had while moving. This helps to reflect on their significance and to connect your body life with your life at large.

This form of therapy is of particular benefit if you would like to

  • be more in your body
  • explore difficulties in your life that don’t seem to go away by just talking about them
  • make sense of physical suffering and illness
  • deal with difficult and overwhelming feelings
  • reconnect to ways of being that seem to have got lost
  • find deeper meaning and full-bodied joy in your life

I also offer body & movement psychotherapy for therapists in training. Becoming a psychotherapist is a transformative process that needs care and time. With many years of experience working with students and trainees I accompany and support your unique path into the healing profession.

Rates are currently at £55 per one hour session.

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